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Trauma, Depression & Black Women: Resources

Here are the resources mentioned at the 7/25 event. Imani Community Church does not endorse any of these sites, books or other resources but we encourage you to find resources that will nourish your healing journey.:

Internet & App-Based Resources:

- Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP app available for mobile devices)

- (therapist directory / podcast by the same name on all app stores) Episode 54 focuses on the myth of the Black Superwoman

- Association of Black Psychologists (therapist directory available)

- Talkspace (therapy app)

- Headspace (guided meditation app)

- “Myleik Teele’s Podcast” (available in app stores)

- National Association on Mental I’ll was - (diverse resources, support locators, education resources)

- Open Path Collective


- Post-Traumatic Slave Disorder, Joy Degruy

- The Wellness Blueprint, Maiysha Clairborne

- BiPolar Faith, Monica Coleman